We recognize that Downtown Anderson, SC, is situated on the ancestral lands of the Cherokee Nation and the Tsalaguwetiyi peoples. Across generations, these indigenous communities nurtured this land, establishing vibrant societies, cultivating crops, and celebrating diverse cultural practices. The Cherokee and Tsalaguwetiyi lived in harmony with nature, enriching the region's tapestry.

The arrival of European settlers brought profound changes to the indigenous peoples of this region. Despite facing treaties and forced displacement, the Cherokee and Tsalaguwetiyi persevered, preserving their languages, traditions, and resilience.

As we come together in Downtown Anderson today, we pay homage to the enduring legacies and contributions of the Cherokee Nation and the Tsalaguwetiyi peoples. Let us honor their resilience, uphold their histories, and strive for understanding, respect, and reconciliation with indigenous communities past and present.

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